A lot of this fandom can’t even muster up a bit of compassion and respect for the QPOC who lend their skills to the creation of the goddamn show.

Jasika Nicole directly addresses the fandom’s gross assertion that her voice is too “soft and gentle” for Dana to be black. Ignored.

Kevin R. Free remarks on the prevalence of white headcanons for his character and has to announce in his blog title that he’s black. Ignored. (I don’t even know that many people who follow him at all.) 

Dylan Marron talks about how personally important it is that Carlos is treated in the narrative as someone worthy of being admired, desired, and loved (especially in terms of his hair being “not white people hair”). Ignored. Whitewashed art and fancasts for Carlos persist. 

Does Dylan Marron have a Tumblr? I follow Kevin R. Free (he seems like a sweetie) and Jasika Nicole (who is super talented in many areas). Without QPOC there would be no Night Vale.

Dylan doesn’t post a lot, but his blog is here

For the record:
Kevin’s blog 

Jasika’s blog

(Pssssst my interview with Dylan where he talks about his hair and being queer and brown [his word] and just basically being a fabulous individual made of dreams and sunshine)


So, if you like delicious cookies, come on up to the station!

I already bought all these cookies with my own money, but I told Janice I would donate back all the proceeds from selling these boxes. So, it’s kind of an extra gift to the Girl Scouts of Night Vale.

Several listeners and coworkers have bought cookies, but no one from station management yet.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 44 - Cookies

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