Anonymous asked:

I am new to Night Vale, and Ive seen a lot of drama and fighting and I am just tired of seeing the fandom fight. Can you recommend some general wtnv blogs run by just nice people who avoid drama?

carlospalmer answered:

i’ve got you, nonny! (sorry i took so long to respond)

welcome to the fandom! here’s some of my fav blogs that post like mainly night vale (there’s a lot, brace urself):

this is only the tip of the iceberg i’m sorry but i rlly love like every night vale blog so????

(the only drama any of these blogs posts is like. some social justice stuff and maybe personal posts but my blog posts that too so i’m assuming you’re okay with that?)



okay but imagine cecil and carlos deciding to get married and talking about if one of them wants to take the other’s last name or if they want to hyphenate or what

and cecil just is like “not that i don’t think every part of you is perfect but i think most people would agree that ‘palmer’ is a better surname than ‘the scientist’”

and so carlos has to sit his boyfriend down and gently explain that his last name isn’t actually “the scientist” and cecil is sitting there like “is anything i know about you real”